With so many things created in Buffalo, New York, you have to wonder who started the idea for a "push present."

If this is your first time hearing about the push present, join the club. Apparently the present is meant to be given to a new mother to mark the special celebration of life for her baby. Usually the person’s partner will be the one to get her a push present, but sometimes the mother’s family will step in, too.

You can give the push present to a mother before or after the birth, or you can do it right there in the delivery room (though if she’s in the middle of labor, I’m not sure if that will go over too well).

I had never heard of the push present until my friend’s most recent pregnancy, which made me wonder how it got its start in society.

The first known mention of the push present was in the early 1990s, though the idea itself has been around for centuries in different cultures. 

The idea really picked up in the United States around 2010, and through word of mouth and social media, word spread fast.

One source mentioned that while it could have been passed on quickly by word of mouth, it may have also been due to « peer pressure among both mothers and fathers. » 

The thing is … you don’t have to feel pressured into getting a push present. The gift can typically cost a few hundred dollars or more, and if that is not do-able for you right now, the mom-to-be will understand. Just do something nice for her or plan a day for just you two after the baby is born…dating when married is still important!

One of the most common push present gifts is a ring that features the baby’s birthstone, but there are several good ideas that you can find here

Good luck! 

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