The Buffalo Bills have consistently had one of the best offenses and defenses in the NFL since the 2020 season, which has produced consecutive playoff appearances, although disappointments in the playoffs.

Josh Allen has been one of the top three or four quarterbacks in the entire league since 2020 and he's been throwing to the same two wide receivers since that season.

Stefon Diggs has been amazing as the Bills number one wide receiver and Gabe Davis has proven to be a solid option for a deep threat and big plays on the boundaries for Allen and the pass-heavy offense.

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If you have watched the Bills offense lately, especially this season under newly-named offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, then you know that the Bills have been using a QB sneak play where Gabe Davis helps push Josh Allen for a first down.

The Philadelphia Eagles have done the same exact thing and did so in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs, which always seemed to work.

However, the NFL may be soon banning that pushing the quarterback maneuver.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio says that this maneuver was not legal before the 2006 NFL season, when the league prohibited intentional pushing. The recent trend of pushing quarterbacks for a first down, or even running backs, may be banned once again by the league.

The argument for banning this move is that it's a set play. Before, we have seen players get pushed forward in the middle of a play, which is legal as well, but this is 100 percent scripted and it works more times than not, making the defense feel helpless.

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