Most people may be apprehensive about making a move these days as interest rates are pretty high and only seem to be getting worse. However, if you are looking for the bets quality of life in the entire country, there are four places right here in New York State that are in the top 25!

It can be hard to move away from your hometown and even harder to make the move if you have kids in school. But sometimes the biggest risk will give you the best reward.

A new report about quality of life has surfaced and you may be surprised to see that New York State is well represented.

According to the findings from US News and World Report:

Many factors play into truly loving where you live. Affordability and career opportunities certainly contribute, but you shouldn’t discount daily commute, access to quality education and health care, crime rates, air quality, risk of natural disasters and general well-being.

Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and New York City made the top 25 according to the list!

The summer of 2023 is going to be pretty amazing here in New York State. A variety of great concerts and festivals are happening and since the COVID pandemic ended, the crowds are back to full strength! It's time to get out and enjoy the fun!

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