Pro sports can be hard to keep up with.  With trades happening just about every day, it's sometimes hard to remember who played who.  But Bills fans should be able to get this...

It's crazy to think about who has passed through the tunnel at Highmark Stadium.  Whether it was Ralph Wilson Stadium, Rich Stadium, or Highmark, Bills fans love their team.

But do you remember every player that's played on it?  I'm going to put you to the test.  Some of them will be easy, but some will make you go, "wait...DID he?  I can't remember!"

Some of them were there for years, some were literally there just a couple days.  But when putting this quiz together, all the players that were listed as a "Yes" at the very least suited up in a Bills uniform for a preseason game or more.

Take a look at this list of players...then try to decide.  Did they play for the Bills?  Here are the players:

  1. Ted Washington
  2. Geno Smith
  3. Sam Adams
  4. Antonio Brown
  5. Luke Keuchly
  6. Andy Levitre
  7. Scott Chandler
  8. Chris Simms
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  10. London Fletcher
  11. Jairus Byrd
  12. LaDanian Tomlinson
  13. Kevin Kolb
  14. Luke McCown
  15. Nate Clements
  16. Laveranues Coles
  17. Anthony Hargrove
  18. Kelly Holcomb
  19. Chris Hogan
  20. Terrell Buckley
  21. Vince Young
  22. Anquan Boldin
  23. Matt Leinart
  24. Khalil Mack
  25. Ryan Nassib
  26. Marshawn Lynch
  27. Lawyer Milloy
  28. Jason Peters
  29. Shawne Merriman

Give yourself a point for every player that you pick correctly.  The answers are below.  Good luck!

Quiz: Bet Can You Remember If This Guy played for the Bills?

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