If you have spent a good number of years in Western New York, then you know just how many railroad crossings there are across the region.

Many of them are in the southtowns, but also a fair share in the northtowns and the City of Buffalo.

For the most part, they cause no issues and motorists have smooth sailing. However, some of them are notorious for how worn down they have become.

There are two extremely pesky ones for my journies through the southtowns and one is far worse than the other.

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One is in Hamburg, near Lackawanna, on Lake Ave. It's near McKinley Parkway and the direction going towards McKinley is worse than coming towards Abbott Road.

The second is easily my least favorite railroad crossing in Western New York and I'm not sure how it hasn't been fixed and smoothed over.

It's near the Lake Ave location, on Willet Road in Lackawanna, near Hamburg and Orchard Park. It's the same track as the railroad crossing which intersects Lake.

Many motorists use Willet Road as a shortcut to get to McKinley and it's a creat shortcut, instead of going all the way Abbott to get to McKinley.

I went down Willet as a shortcut last week and I couldn't believe how bumpy the railroad crossing is on that road. You can tell the pavement has worn down on the edges of the actual tracks, which makes the tracks stick up and dangerous for tires of oncoming vehicles.

Has anyone else been down this road and experienced this railroad crossing?

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