There is some good news and bad news for portions of New York State. Every year, we get the January thaw. However, this year's addition seems to be coming at a weird time.

As many in New York State are digging out of the lake effect snow that fell, things are starting to open back up. Driving bans are being lifted and the Buffalo Bills are getting ready for their home playoff game that was postponed because of the storm.

But the long range, ten day forecast is calling for things to change, again. The snow will start to melt and there is also rain in the forecast.

By the middle of next week, right around January 23rd, the forecast in Western New York is calling for rain and 42 degrees. Rochester and Syracuse are also expected to get rain and see temps around 42.

But first, another round of snow and ice are going to pound the region.

The biggest issue this winter seems to be that the great lakes are not frozen as they may have been in the past. With the lakes being ice free, the lake effect snow machine is primed and with the right wind and freezing temps, anything is possible.

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