It might look like any regular chicken tender, but this one is vintage and Buffalo loves it.

Facebook marketplace has a tendency to find the most rare and unique items for sale locally, and it did not disappoint with one of the most recent listings in Western New York. 

For a chunk of money, you could be the proud owner of a vintage chicken tender from the year of 1998. 

If you look at the chicken tender from the side, it closely resembles the shape of the Buffalo Bills logo. 

A lot of people in Western New York represent our Buffalo Bills loud and proud, but what if you were the one person in the area that would be able to display the Buffalo Bills-shaped chicken tendie?

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind chicken tender. Plus, he is 25 years old! We are not sure at this time where the chicken tender is from, but Ethan, who published the listing on Facebook marketplace, states that the chicken tendie was found in the barn. 

Take a look at the picture below of the rarest, coolest, perhaps most expensive chicken tender of all time. 

Rare Chicken Tender In Shape Of Buffalo Bills Logo

You could be the proud owner of this chicken tender for $9,999.

Gallery Credit: Facebook Marketplace

If you are interested in purchasing this rare chicken tendie, message Ethan via his Facebook posting when you click here.

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