Did you ever wonder what some of the rarest items in the world might be?  Start with a signature.  Not just any signature, but what some consider one of the greater writers in history.  William Shakespeare may have done a lot of writing, but signing his signature apparently is not one of the things he did very often.  There are only six of them in existence and each of them is reportedly worth around $3-million.

Among the rarest books in the world - the Gutenberg Bible.  It was the first book ever printed in 1456.  Several hundred copies were originally printed, but finding a complete edition would cost between $25-$35-million.

It was only 12-cents on the newstand when it came out in 1963, but a near perfect copy of Amazing Spiderman comic book #1 is worth somewhere around $40-thousand.

The rarest baseball card is a "near mint" condition 1909 Honus Wagner card.  It sold for $2.3-million in February, 2007.  That same card was sold seven months later to a private collector for $2.8-million.  It's been called the "Mona Lisa" of baseball cards.

The rarest coin in the world is likely an American $20.00 coin.  It's known as a St. Gaudens Double Eagle - made of real gold, but this one was mistakenly printed with two eagles on it.  During the Depression all of the St. Gaudens $20.00 coins were recalled and melted down.  The Double Eagle is the only one known in existence owned by a private collector.  It was sold in 2002 for more than $7.5-million.

The rarest gem in the world?  A diamond?  Ruby?  No it's something called painite.  It's an orange or reddish brown gem first found in Burma in the 1950's.  Up until just a few years ago there were only two of them known to exist in the world, but when the source of painite was discovered they became a little more common.  Still there are only a few hundred of them in existence.

The rarest stamp in the world is the Treskilling yellow stamp from Sweden.  The Treskilling stamp in 1858 was printed in blue.  3 of them were printed in yellow by mistake and were put into circulation anyway.  It has a current value of $2.3-million.

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