As if the dry weather and heat haven't been enough this summer, there is a new reason to be freaked out. For those who love to be outdoors, you may already know what types of wildlife to be aware of. There are definitely some that are cute and cuddly and then there are other types of wildlife that are downright spooky.

I have been hunting and fishing most of my entire life and although I love to be outside in the fresh air as much as possible, there is one thing that turns me off; snakes. There are some stories floating around about a snake that some in the Cattaraugus County area of New York are saying is something to be aware of.


From what I can tell, this may be a timber rattlesnake? But since this made it to Facebook, there have been some other opinions.

Either way, NO THANKS! I am a big wimp when I see snakes. One of the worst memories I have as a kid was when a group of friends said they had a "surprise" for me. They took me to see an old riding lawn mower that was sitting in the weeds. I didn't even consider that it could be home to this big, nasty snake nest! When they opened the hood of the lawn mower, the snakes scattered and so did I. FAST. These were just your everyday garden snakes all twisted and grouped like spaghetti. But they might as well have been a basket full of cobras as far as I was concerned.

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