It's hard to avoid any coverage of the Bills AFC Divisional playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens this Saturday night in Orchard Park. The game will be the Bills' first divisional round playoff game since January of 1996 and will feature over 6,700 fans at Bills Stadium for the game.

The Ravens have one of the most explosive quarterbacks in the NFL with third-year starter Lamar Jackson. His rare running ability makes him hard to defend against for any team, but this game against the Bills could pose a threat for Jackson...snow.

That's right, Lamar Jackson told the Baltimore media on Tuesday that he's never played in the snow before and hopes he doesn't have to Saturday night in Orchard Park.

Jackson grew up in South Florida and went to college in Louisville. He has played a few games in cold weather but never snow.

The weather forecast for Saturday night has a decent shot at snow showers with 1-3 inches possible for the game. The key is the Orchard Park forecast, not necessarily the Buffalo metro.

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The game might also be troublesome for the Bills high-attack passing game if there's significant snowfall. Considering the opposing quarterback doesn't have any experience in the show, however, is good news for the Bills and Bills Mafia.

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