I'm sure you can guess at least 3 of these.  They are being called "Reality TV's 5 Most Dangerous Shows"....At the top is.....#1- Deadliest Catch- This show has had countless injuries and has claimed 26 lives in 6 seasons of shooting.  A capsized ship in Season 1 claimed 6 lives and you can't forget Captain Phil Harris, who died after suffering a stroke on the boat "Cornelia Marie"

#2-Dancing With The Stars- Really????? I guess..- There have been 15 injuries on the show including Susan Lucci breaking a foot, Misty-May Treanor rupturing an Achilles tendon, Congressman Tom DeLay suffering a stress fracture in his foot...and....who can forget Marie Osmond passing out !!

#3-Survivor- You name it...Pick an injury.....So far there have been 11 injuries that include a dislocated shoulder, torn knee ligament, skin infection, fainting...etc.....That's why it's called "Survivor."

#4-Ice Road Truckers-Now this is a dangerous show...if you ask me!- Driving rigs over frozen lakes.....Not for me, pal.  3 seasons....10 injuries.  Mostly due to accidents on the slippery stuff!

#5-The Amazing Race- 6 injuries in 17 seasons....broken bones, cuts and even a concussion at the starting line!