Wolves? Snapping Turtles? Bobcats? Copperhead snake?

There has been a ton of sighting of bobcats in recent memory in the Western New York area.

Once restricted to mountainous regions in eastern NY, bobcat populations have increased and expanded throughout central and western NY in recent decades. To effectively manage this elusive species, there is a need for better estimates of bobcat populations", according to the DEC's Facebook page.

The DEC has camera on trails all over New York State and are using them to track some bobcats, including some that are collard in order to study their behavior. They are asking New York State residents that if they see camera stations do not touch them.

Bobcats will typically go after small wildlife or maybe domestic cats, dogs or chickens if they come close to your house, but other than that; what are some of the other most dangerous animals in New York State? Take a look below.

Here are some of the most dangerous animals that are in New York State:

The Most Dangerous Animals In New York State

The most dangerous and even deadly animals and insects in New York State.

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