There is a gun buyback program this month in Niagara Falls and it has a few different incentives for anyone who wants to turn in a gun.

According to a report from Channel 4, some of the items include tablets and cash.

Over the past few years, other cities, counties, and states have also had gun buyback programs. With the recent surge in gun related crimes in the area, Buffalo and Rochester have seen quite the uptick recently, this may help to eliminate some of the guns that will eventually make it to the street.

However, there has also been a recent surge and permit applications for handguns locally and gun sales seem to be also on the rise nationally. As someone who owns guns, the hardest part seems to be finding ammunition and also finding it at a decent price.
If you are interested in turning in a weapon, there are specific ways to do that at the drop off sites. Guns must be unloaded and put in a plastic bag, paper bag or a box when you drop them off. If you are interested in the program contact the attorney generals office, or call 853-8400 for more information.


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