I am loving this summer and discovering new activities around town. Today I re-discovered the Buffalo Zoo.

It’s been since last summer that I had been there, and we decided it was time to go. I have talked to so many people that have said it’s been years since they have gone. Trust me, now is the time to go!

After all of the upgrades they have made to the zoo, it is an amazing place for the entire family. I was shocked today to discover the new entrance they have been building is now open and is beautiful. If you don’t know where it is, they have set it up where they used to have the petting zoo. They still have that bird enclosure, but they have updated it by adding new species of birds and adding the Wallaby in there! (They are like little kangaroo-looking animals.) It was definitely cool to see.

Of course, they have the new petting zoo that’s set up like a farm, where we go to see the cows, a horse and the biggest pigs I have ever seen. Then there’s new sea lion cove that was my favorite. As we stood there staring down at the water hoping to get a glance of the sea lion, he came up out of the water within inches of us. It was awesome! Next we had to venture over to the gorillas that are really neat. The baby gorilla is still hysterical, running and dancing and rolling all over the place.

Of course, while you are there, you need to make a stop at the newest additions to the zoo – Luna and Kali. I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. The zoo staff standing next to me was explain that Kali was celebrating her 8 month birthday today, and, yes, she was sucking her thumb! I didn’t realize animals did that!

Finally, after we ventured past that lions and tigers, which are like any other cats out there – just hanging out and napping in this hot weather -- we did make a stop in Rainforest Falls, which is set up to be just like a real rain forest. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to walk in there and be so close to some of those animals and birds.

Finally, we made our way around to the giraffes. Those guys are so amazing! I learned today that a newborn giraffe is still taller than me! That’s crazy!

This summer, if you do anything, make sure you spend one day at the Buffalo Zoo!

Oh and one last thing: If you’re like me and LOVE animals and just want the chance to get up and personal with a few of them, they do have opportunities for visitors to do just that!  There is a sea lion encounter, a giraffe encounter and even an elephant encounter. I will definitely be trying these out at some point this summer (they might have to tear me away from the animals, but it will be well worth it!).