We don't see many crazy weather events in Western New York, outside of lake effect snow or blizzards, and while tornadoes aren't something we see very often, there have a been a couple that still linger in local memories.

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Cheektowaga has had two major tornadoes. Many remember the F2 twister that touched down in 1987, but do you remember the one that touched down in 2006?

It was a strong F1, according to WGRZ, and it happened on the afternoon of June 30th, 2006.

What's amazing is it took nearly the same exact path as the 1987 twister.

It struck Walden near Harlem, Union, Como Park Bldv. and the 90 thruway, where it tossed a tractor-trailer onto the median.

Luckily, only two minor injuries were reported from the 06 tornado (including the driver from the tractor-trailer, who thankfully only suffered a broken leg). It did, however,. damage trees, cars and buildings in its three-mile path.

I remember that day because my dad was driving at the time and said the sky got pitch black as the storm blew through the area.

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