I can’t believe that’s been 10 years since the tragedy that happen this day. I can remember where I was when the Twin Towers were hit. It was my senior year of high school and I was sitting in homeroom. I remember somebody coming in and telling us to turn on the television. It was the only time that teachers forgot about teaching and let the students watch television. This was such a tragedy; I know a lot of people couldn’t believe this could happen on American soil. This day help shape a lot of my fellow classmate’s future. There were a lot of my classmates that wanted to make a difference, so they joined the military. I know that it helped somebody that is close to decide what he was going to do after high school. He came home and told his mother that he wanted to join the Army. He was dead set on this that he had already talked to a recruiter. I know that a lot of people were against but in a way it was a good thing. It helped him to get to his current profession, which is being a police officer for a town in the south towns. I have to say that I am very proud of him and everything he has accomplished in this last ten years.