The Scajaquada (Route 198) and the Kensington Expressway (Route 33) have been mainstays in the City of Buffalo for as long as people can remember. I've lost count of how many times I've driven on both. I work downtown now, so I take the 33 often and I went to Buffalo State College, so I was often on the 198 driving to class every weekday.

However, there's been chatter in recent years of just how much of a necessity both routes are, and more importantly, are they helping the City of Buffalo and the environment?

WKBW is reporting that there is a proposal from the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition, which would remove the 198 and turn the 33 into a tunnel with no exits, and cover it over with trees.

The Coalition's image is to make Buffalo more appealing and enhance the area; it also includes enhancing the Black Rock Harbor and revitalizing Scajaquada Creek; along with removing the 198, which would connect Delaware Park.

The Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council will oversee the planning process for this proposal and while this plan is very much on the table, there is nothing set in stone yet, so nothing is imminent in terms of action.

I remember having talks at my classes at Buffalo State (which was four years ago) about whether or not the 198 should be removed? It's a conversation that isn't exactly new. It would be weird seeing it go (and the 33 being turned into a no-exit tunnel), but it seems there is enough demand for this to be taken seriously.

Are you a fan of these proposals?

To learn more about the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition and the proposals here.

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