Driving on the Scajaquada Expressway (also called the 198) can be an adventure these days. Some motorists obey the current speed limit of 30 mph, while some go 40-45 mph, while others ignore the speed limit entirely and cruise at 55-60 mph.

Now, a new petition has been started by former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra. The petition is asking the New York State Department of Transportation to 'restore the speed limit to 55 mph', according to WKBW.

The former speed limit was 50 mph.

Giambra calls the current speed limit of 30 mph;

"an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction that has become maddening to motorists and residents alike”.

Back in the spring of 2015, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the speed limit changed to 30 mph after a 3-year-old was tragically killed by a car that went off the road.

You can read the whole story and see the petition at WKBW.

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