Looking for a cheap investment property with a lot of character. Take a look at this one!

The older you get the more you hear that you have to invest your money wisely. I am sure you have thought about maybe a rental property in your lifetime. Maybe a duplex, or some type of real estate investment. It is certainly not a bad idea (although, house prices seem to be insane right now, wouldn't you say?) especially if you are someone handy and can see through some diamonds in the rough and become opportunities.

This is BY FAR, the cheapest investment property for sale in New York State. You could imagine there is something wrong with a home with that kind of price, but ironically, out of all of the multi-family homes for sale in New York under the price of $50,000, this is the cheapest and has the most character.

Take a look at this duplex that is for sale for only 5,000 bucks. It is HUGE and it really does have a lot of character and beautiful features. That seems like a great deal, right? Of course for that price, you are looking at MAJOR renovations, but you could seriously make this old-style home a beautiful duplex if you put a lot of elbow grease into it.

Welcome to

109 McAllister Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205.


This 3128 square foot multi family home has 6 bedrooms and 3.0 bathrooms. This home is located at 109 McAllister Ave, Syracuse, NY 13205.

Cheapest Rental Property in New York State For $5,000

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