There is a report out that indicates there is the presence of COVID in whitetail deer.

A new study has found high rates of SARS CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) exposure and active infection among white-tailed deer tested across Iowa. Previously, antibodies detected in deer suggested exposure to the virus, but this is the first confirmation of active infection and deer-to-deer transmission.

At this point, there seems to be no cause for alarm when it comes to humans.

There is still no evidence that deer can transmit the disease to humans in a “spillback” direction.

This weekend will be the opening day of the popular firearms season for hunters in the Western New York area. Daybreak on Saturday will mark the official beginning of the season for those who are going to be hunting. Some recommend using latex gloves when field dressing your animal when you are hunting this weekend or throughout the season.

I’ve been hunting since I was 14 years old and this story popped up among a bunch of friends and I thought it would be of interest to those who may be going out this weekend. Best thing I can tell you overall is to be safe no matter what you are hunting for and no matter where you might be hunting. Keep in mind, safety first and always know your target and what’s beyond.

More research will be done to see what the effects might be of COVID on whitetail deer. But as of now there seems to be no need for concern for anyone who is hunting this weekend for the potential infection from a deer that may have some sort of variant of the virus.

EXTRA: The NYS DEC has a few reminders for anyone hunting this weekend. Take it, Tag it and Report it!

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