There are so many places to get chicken wings, especially in Buffalo…and I’m sure you have heard this debate once or twice: where do you find the best wings?

Since it’s pretty difficult to narrow down where the best wings are located, let’s just look at downtown Buffalo. 

A lot of things happen in downtown Buffalo, especially since it’s the home of the Buffalo Sabres, some major concert venues – like Shea’s and Town Ballroom, and massive parties on Chippewa Street, especially during the Buffalo Bills season. 

It makes sense why we want answers!

Where are the best wings in downtown Buffalo?

Best Chicken Wings near Town Ballroom?
by u/Higher_Tides in Buffalo

We took a poll on Reddit, and here’s what you answered: 

Best Chicken Wings In Downtown Buffalo

Here are some of the best places to get chicken wings in downtown Buffalo, according to a local Reddit thread.

By far, the most answers we received were for Gabriel’s Gate. It is only a 15 minute walk from Town Ballroom, and it’s obviously a fan favorite!

But before you decide where to go when it comes to wings in downtown Buffalo, make sure you dive into the menu and the restaurant beforehand. For example, Gabriel’s Gate may have delicious wings, but it’s worth noting that they typically will charge you for any refill on a pop or soda. 

Or you could choose at random and, you know….wing it. 

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