If you're a Buffalo fan or just an escape room fan this is the room for you! From the makers of CSI: Buffalo and The Nursery, they've put together another MUST TRY escape room! It's hard enough to get you just the right amount of frustrated but Buffalo enough to keep you fighting until the end! Seriously, I don't know how they do it?!?! I would be horrible at setting up escape rooms because I would end up using the same types of puzzles and just use different themes...which is not the case here. What I love is that all of their rooms are completely different...you can pick up on common themes in their puzzles. Each room at The Exit Rooms is its own independent challenge.


We made it out in 46 minutes with no clues, which you are allowed to ask for if you get stuck. We did have a few moments though where we really thought we would need to ask for help. Keep in mind...we have a really awesome team :P I will say that I am pushing really hard for the next room to be Golden Girls theme...just think of the possibilities?!?!

The Premise
That crazy coach from New England and his cheating quarterback are at it again. We heard through the grapevine that they are planning to steal Buffalo's playbook before the game. We need you to go into the locker room and find the playbook before it's too late!
The people that hired you know that you'll have one hour to complete the task! Can you solve the clues left behind to successfully find the playbook and make it out in time? Try your luck!

The Room
One word. Awesome. This is one of those rooms where you just want to hang for a little while. The detail and craftsmanship they put into the room takes it from a puzzle to a real life experience! As a Western New Yorker you are going to LOVE this room! And while I didn't, you should totally wear your Buffalo colors to tackle this room!

The EXIT Rooms
3880 Abbott Rd
Orchard Park, NY 14127
(716) 646-8949


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