There is a new escape room in Buffalo and it's right in the heart of the party scene on Chippewa! CSI: Buffalo - Murder Mystery not only gives you a puzzle to solve but it gives you a view to be jealous of. The room is located above 67 West and looks out over Chippewa with floor to ceiling windows. It makes you think for a minute that you would want to live in the space. The room itself is gorgeous... with exposed brick walls, awesome pictures from around Buffalo and comfortable seating it really makes you want to stay and just hang out!

The Premise:
Two men entered the upstairs VIP Lounge of a local Mafia club to rob the joint. After all of the shots were fired, everyone in the room was killed, including one of the intruders. Everyone except for the man who escaped. Your job is to examine the crime scene to figure out which body in the room is the second shooter, and also identify the man who got away. Detectives are on the case, but the Mafia family would like to handle things their own way. They have secured an envelope containing top secret evidence, and have left this for you and your team. They have informed you of a 60 minute window when the premises will be unguarded by police. This is your time to find clues and examine the evidence in order to positively identify the killers.

The Review:
Awesome. Seriously, the detail that went into this room is one of the draws about it. The location is unique and helps set the scene for the room. The clues you need to solve are fresh and just challenging enough, which is hard to do with all the escape rooms in the area. The room is great for all ages so don't worry about it being too scary or too graphic for your children. I would love to go into more detail but I would hate to give anything away. Let's just say the guys from CSI: Buffalo did amazing job of making sure everything feels as real as possible. I'm giving this a "Must Do" review! We made it out with time to spare but not with out second guessing ourselves a lot! Book your time in the room now!

CSI: Buffalo
67 W Chippewa St B, Buffalo, NY 14202