The Buffalo Sabres are enduring the 11th consecutive season without a postseason appearance. It's been a tough past decade on all Sabres fans and that includes their longtime play-by-play man, Rick Jeanneret.

Jeanneret has seen a decrease in the number of games he has called over the last few years, as he takes more games off due to his age.

It would have been so nice to see Rick get another playoff run to call before he finally retires. 2021-2022 is his last season calling games for the Buffalo Sabres and it's hard to imagine a season with no Rick behind the mic for any game.

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Jeanneret still finds time to record some pretty memorable commercials for the Sabres though. Like this recent one with Sabres defenseman Jacob Bryson and forward Casey Mittelstadt.

They're commenting on how nice the ice has been and that's when Rick drives by saying "high" while driving the Zamboni.

This man is a treasure.

RJ Night will take place on Friday, April 1st at KeyBank Center. The Sabres will raise a banner for Rick Jeanneret and you can bet that crowd will be mostly full to see RJ one last time front and center stage.

Jeanneret is probably the most underrated play-by-play man in the four major North American sports. He's certainly one of the best of all-time.

It's sad Rick is retiring but I'm happy for him. He will finally get to enjoy retirement, which he so richly deserves.

"Top shelf where mama hides the cookies."

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