There are thousands of people traveling this week and as the price of everything goes up, a new fee will affect the next time you fly in New York State on a certain airline.

Remember when flying was fun? It was long before the days when we had to take off or shoes, wear masks, overbooked flights and the high price to fly. Many of the families that are traveling for spring break are choosing to drive.

However, the truth is, flying is way more convenient for those going a long distance, especially when you consider a direct flight. These days, it seems most any company is using "congestion" as a way to raise prices. This is the case with the tolls in some places in New York State.

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It was announced in several reports this week that JetBlue will also be increasing baggage fees when there are peak travel times. CNN reports that, "If a customer checks a bag within 24 hours of departure, the price jumps to $45 for off-peak dates and an industry high of $50 for peak dates".

This seems like a ridiculous way to get more out of families who have already paid a good deal of their money just to buy a ticket to board the plane. The airlines have made it very hard to fly with a family of four or more as the peak travel (like spring break) is very expensive.

Traveling around this great country is truly fun and, as a father of four kids, I want them to see as much as we can. These fees make it an easier decision to load up the car and hit the road.

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