There is going to be an impressive solar eclipse this weekend that NASA is very excited for. However, it won't be visible in Buffalo. But, that doesn't mean we can't use technology to our benefit to catch a glimpse!

They call it "the ring of fire." While many are excited for it around the world. Forbes says there are some things that are not true.

Will it get dark? No. Will you see this eclipse? Probably not. Exactly what’s going to happen, where, for how long, and why? Most reporters don’t seem to know.

The next full eclipse will actually happen on December 14th. But that won't keep social media from blowing up over the ring that people may or may not see. It may be another reason why things appear odd or cause people to act strange. says:

the legends surrounding solar eclipses involve mythical figures eating or stealing the Sun. Others interpreted the event as a sign of angry or quarreling gods.

Some things you never forget. I actually got my drivers license when I was 16 during a solar eclipse and it happened to be a Friday. However, it was not the 13th.

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