My favorite thing out-of-towners say when they visit Buffalo doesn't have to do with the food, the sports, the art, or the architecture -- it has to do with its smell.

Specifically, the smell of cereal.

If you're from here you know the smell isn't imagined; it wafts from the nearby General Mills factory. And now, you'll catch those familiar scents in beer form at Riverworks.

Riverworks has thankfully confused breakfast for beer twice before, with the release of their Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ale and Cocoa Puffs Porter.

The brewery has new cereal-inspired beers on its menu, including the Froot Loops Sour and the Raisin Bran Belgian Dubbel.

So what's next for Riverworks' "breakfast" menu? "Next up could be the return of the popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ale for winter," according to The Buffalo News.  "In the meantime, customers continue to offer options for future cereal beers."


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