One word that does not describe my life, at all: SMOOTH. Therefore, it’s not very hard to come up with a bunch of resolutions for myself.






2. Be more contentious of where I put things. Yesterday, I got this recorder device thing for my guitar. I lost the batteries I had for it so I decided to just get new ones. When I grabbed the new ones, I couldn’t find the recorder. I LOOSE EVERYTHING.


3. Stop eating fast food. I need to take this one in strides. I need to do this for 30 days then 60 days and so on. (let's hope the McRib doesn't come out this year or I'm toast)


4. Change my sheets on the weekly basis. Do you know how much gross stuff is in your sheets from just sleeping in them for a week….and usually I shower before I go to bed and not when I wake up.


5. Write more songs. Nothing new. Usually don’t have a problem on this one.


6. I know this is the staple of resolutions, but I am going to work out more. I have greatly lacked throughout 2013. But…don’t worry if you already go to the gym I know how much you hate when everyone floods the gym right after the New Year like it’s going out of style…I’ll be working out at home.


7. Buy a new car. I have a summer car and a winter truck and let me tell you, it’s getting annoying putting one away, switching insurances, yada yada. Time to consolidate.


8. Stop Swearing so much.

9.Stop working so much. I know this sounds lazy but, I work overnights and then during the day, sleep and repeat. I could use a break sometimes....and a beer.

10. Open Chic-fil-a in Buffalo. This might be on this list til 2030 but, you'll thank me later. (Then, I'm crossing off #3 forever)


If you're like me and this list is basically the same one you made last year, remember this: “I don’t make resolutions, I make intentions”. Bang.