The Buffalo Bills are preparing for the end of the 2022 regular season, which will take place this Sunday at Highmark Stadium. The Bills will host the New England Patriots, for what is sure to be an emotional game in Orchard Park, after the events this week involving Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

The Bills need a win to assure the get the 2 seed in the AFC playoffs, which will also give them a chance at the 1 seed if the Kansas City Chiefs lose against the Las Vegas Raiders today.

As for the Patriots, they need a win to assure they're in the postseason. If they don't beat the Bills, they need a losses by the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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One of the greatest Patriots players ever and one of the top three tight ends in NFL history is Buffalo native, Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk officially retired in 2022, after spending 11 seasons in the NFL, spending nine of them with New England.

Many people have speculated what could have been with Gronk as a Bills player and Gronk has also thought that.

Gronkowski was a guest on the the Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams, and Adams asked Gronkowski if he was bummed he never played there?

"In a way for sure, Gronkowski said. "Growing up, I definitely wanted to be a Buffalo Bills player. Unfortuntaley, things didn't go that way; I would have changed anything in my career, but it would have been really cool if I played for at least one year (in Buffalo)," said Gronkowski.

Gronk added he had five more years to possibly come out of retirement, which has been speculated for a while.

There's no doubt that Gronk loves to stir the pot, but would he actually come out of retirement to play a year for his hometown team?

We have to wait and see.

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