Seriously, when is it going to end? It seems crazy that yet another show is claiming that the Bills will somehow move on from their #1 receiver, Stefon Diggs.

Everyone is trying to figure out what the heck is going on with the Buffalo Bills.

Things are obviously bad in Buffalo right now.  The Bills have lost their last two games and three of the last four. They just fired their offensive coordinator and there seems to be turmoil at One Bills Drive.  But one thing Bills fans should be confident in is that the Bills do not have any intention of trading Stefon Diggs.

It's hard to know who knows what

The problem with getting caught up in sports stories like this is that it's very hard to know who is right, and who is wrong.  People have asked Diggs straight out, "do you want to retire a Buffalo Bill?"  His response, "100 percent."

Then there are people like Stephen A. Smith who claim that he wants out of Buffalo as soon as possible.  He declared it on national TV.

Today it happened again.  Former New England Patriot and Tampa Bay Buccanneer Rob Gronkowski was on with Kay Adams when he went on about Diggs.  He first said that he didn't understand why he would be unhappy.  His stats are good, he's on a Super Bowl contending team, he's been paid good money, he's got Josh Allen.  What could he possibly be unhappy about.  But then went on to say that where there's smoke, there's fire, and the tweet from Diggs brother Trevon could have been more of an indicator that there's more to the story that we don't know.

Here is why it would be hard for the Bills to trade Diggs

First of all, why would they want to?  He's easily their best wide receiver.  He's not actually causing any problems right now (his brother is tweeting, that's all) and they have him under contract.

It's all about the salary cap.  When Diggs got his new contract, the Bills locked him in.  This year, Diggs' cap hit is $14,875,111.  Next year, it would be $31 million to trade him.  The Bills are not going to sign up for an over $40 million cap hit to NOT have a great player on their team.

Is it possible that Diggs doesn't play for the Bills next year?

Yes.  It actually is possible. But it won't be because he's on another team.  The way I see it is, the only other option for Diggs is to sit out.

Unless something outrageous happens, Diggs will either play for the Buffalo Bills again next year, or he will sit out of football.

Am I missing something?  How else could he NOT be here?  Can we just stop this?

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