Buffalo is known for a few special things.

The people, after all, this is called the "City of Good Neighbors" for a reason. The sports teams: the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres are woven into the fabric of the community. The snow, unfortunately; being on the western end of Lake Erie will do that to you.

Then there's the food. The most notable item is the chicken wing, which is known around the country as the traditional Buffalo delicacy.

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Anchor Bar created the chicken wing as we know it today, with Duff's coming soon after.

Duff's has a few locations around Western New York, with the original location on Sheridan Drive in Amherst. It was founded in 1946 and later renamed Duff's, with the first wings being sold in 1969.

Ron Duff's mother started the business and he has been the face of Duff's for decades. He's worked every facet of the business and has been an intrigal part of the establishment.

Ron passed away recently and his son Joe Duff wanted to let customers know that the Sheridan Drive location would open an hour later than usual, to let employees honor the life of Ron Duff.

Joe Duffs tells stories of his father, like the fact that he used to buy chicken wings from a place called John Young at Wings N’ Things, so that he and his friends could eat wings at the Rock Pile, while the Bills played home games.

After the previous owners of Duff's moved to Florida by the late 60's, Ron Duff was taught the wing recipe and added his own touch to the sauce and the amount of it, which is why Duff's is so beloved in Western New York. The bleu cheese was his mother's recipe as well.

Rest in peace to a Buffalo food legend, Ron Duff.

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