When someone beats cancer, it deserves a celebration.  At Roswell, that means they get to ring the Victory Bell.  And now, they've got one just for kids!

It's all about celebrating life's biggest victories.  You beat cancer, you ring the bell...


But what about the kids who can't reach?

Pediatric cancer is rampant and when a young warrior beats cancer, they should be able to ring their own bell too.  So Roswell just installed one for them thanks to Roswell Donors.

“Now that we have our joint program between Children’s and Roswell, we have a lot of younger patients here. Many of them, frankly, can’t reach the bell, so having something that is more accessible to kids, but also celebrates the uniqueness of pediatric cancer and the bravery of these young warriors, is really special and important,”

--Dr. Kara Kelly, Chair of Roswell Park’s Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Program



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