"Where has all the initiative and drive gone in this world." Russ Salvatore was frustrated it seemed on Facebook after having so many people cancel or no-show for job interviews. Salvatore took to Facebook to search for some workers and even gave out his personal cell phone number to set them up.
The cool part about Russell is that he will even do the interviews himself after all these years. After all, he wants to make sure his restaurant is PERFECT. The problem was, 98% of the people that said they were coming in for a job interview were no-shows.

Russell Salvatore is constantly looking for help on Facebook. Like anyone else who owns a business in Western New York, finding people to work seems to be a struggle.

But, it is interesting.
You hear a lot of business owners who will say that cannot find anyone and that 'nobody wants to work'. On the other hand, you will find people who are looking for a job saying that no businesses will give them a job interview.
You can be the judge. Here is the Facebook post that Russell put up over the weekend:
What an awakening I have had over the past couple days. I announced an opportunity to join our hotel team , actually giving my cell number out to potential candidates and let me tell you... The phone rang off the hook. Sounds encouraging right? Not quite! I arranged some times to meet and interview these people , arranging my schedule to do this, (including a very early interview set for this morning), to meet and interview some of the callers and guess what- 98% of them were no shows for the interviews. And the callers, 3/4 of them had no experience. So going forward if anyone has an interest in joining our team- stop in between 10am-2pm -7 days a week. Dont call me , just show up, looking the part. I'll gladly interview you on the spot. No experience in hospitality need not apply. Where has all the initiative and drive gone in this world.
I wish I knew

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