If you have been driving the thruway these days, you probably have noticed dozens and dozens of RV, campers and trailers on the road. The COVID pandemic has made people rethink their vacations and the way they will spend their summers.

On Monday afternoon, this video was captured of an RV burning on the 90 near Eden.
My wife and I keep going back and forth with the debate of whether or not to get an RV. We have three boys and it sure would be fun to get out to some campgrounds and travel with them. However, mom loves the idea of the comforts of a good hotel when we travel. She actually asked if there are RV hookups at hotels? Like would drive to a hotel and park the RV? I think it may be awhile before we can resolve our decision about the family camper.
But from what I have seen and read and heard, there are so many families who have already done the shopping and are enjoying the summer of 2020 in the woods or along a lake campground.
You can't help but feel bad for the owner of this RV and hope that everyone got our safely. It has been a dry and hot summer and it is only going to get hotter as we get in to the second half of July in Western New York. The forecast is calling for a few muggy days and heat waves to fire back up.
If you are going camping this weekend, have a great time!

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