The last ten years have not been kind to the Buffalo Sabres, and the Sabres’ fans are totally over it. 

The team has not qualified for the playoffs since ‘10-’11, making it the longest streak of not going, and the Western New York fans have been overly patient with how the games have unfolded – but sometimes there are fans who slip through the cracks, like back in 2018. 

Do you remember this? One dedicated fan in Western New York to list the team for sale on Craigslist. In the listing, they attacked Terry and Kim Pegula, as the listing referenced their “inability to ‘understand hockey’ and their decision to bring back Jason Botterill as the general manager.  

The fan who posted the listing on Craigslist goes by the name of “Dahlin Forever '' on Twitter for 2018 No. 1 pick Rasmus Dahlin. He referenced the Sabres as a “lost team with [a] diehard fan base looking for wealthy owner who actually understands hockey.” 

Here’s what the rest of the listing read:

Organization on the cheap. Could be flipped. Major structural damage but few core pieces still intact.

Non-Negotiable Terms:

-Franchise must stay in the current city and is ineligible for relocation.

-Immediate family (i.e. wife) is not eligible for internal position within the organization

-Must provide “team puppy”

I think we can all agree about the puppy requirement. 

The poster tweeted a few days later that someone had put in for a bid, as you can see above. 

Do most people feel this way about the Sabres?

If I were to guess, most people in Western New York feel this way, yes. The Sabres franchise used to be a respected and proud hockey community, but now, we are almost the polar opposite of that.

And you may think the Sabres should receive more respect because they have proved themselves over the years, but after being let down year after year for more than a decade, the most loyal fan base in all of sports even shows signs of a wavering faith.

If you ask anyone outside of Buffalo about the NHL, they would give you a jaded opinion of the Sabres, poking fun at their recent performances and adopting a view that the city of Buffalo is known for bad hockey. 

Do we still support the Sabres? Sure. We are not a fan base that abandons our team, but yeah we may join in on the jokes, and some Western New Yorkers will go to great lengths to chuckle about the situation – including an ad posting on Craigslist attempting to sell the entire franchise.

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