It's always comforting when you know you live in a town or city that is deemed a safer place than most.

It's interesting to look at which cities or towns are the safest in Western New York and America; and just how close certain towns and cities are to one another in these rankings. Or, just how far away.

MoneyGeek recently published their "Safest Cities in America" for 2022, looking at the most recent FBI crime statistics, to estimate the "cost of crime" in 297 cities across the country. They looked at places with a population over 100,000 residents.

It's easy to think large cities are not safe, and while some are not, MoneyGeek found that fewer than half of the top 15 most dangerous cities, were large cities.

Naperville, Illinois was deemed the safest large city in the United States, with a "crime cost per capita" of $187. Second, was Cary. North Carolina at $195.

But one town here in Western New York, qualified for the population requirement (100,000), and made the list's top 10.

The Town of Amherst came in at number six with a crime cost per capita of $227.

The 2020 census found just under 130,000 people were living in the Town of Amherst, and living here in Western New York my entire life, Amherst is without a doubt one of the Buffalo suburbs that people think of as "one of the safest" in the region. These statistics uncovered by MoneyGeek confirms that.

They also released their "safest small cities and towns" rankings for America, and Lancaster, NY came in at #33!

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