What a guy.

Russell Salvatore is the man. Not only does he operate the most famous restaurant in Western New York, but he also gives back and supports our community as much as he humanly can--and that is A LOT!

Russell had his Patriots & Heroes Park vandalized earlier in the year and it needed some extensive work to it. A planned rededication this week was rained-out and rescheduled to Wednesday, June 21 at 12:30 p.m.

Due to the outpouring of support, Russell was offering $50 gift certificates to whoever came in the few days leading up to the event. Now that the event is next Wednesday, he will be having the same offer Monday through Thursday next week. You need a reservation for one of those days in order to get the $50 gift certificate once you are there.

Salvatore is expected to sing God Bless America at the rededication of his park, Patriots & Heroes Park, which is located right in front of his restaurant. You can see the vandalism that was done to the park below.

Someone destroyed the memorials outside of Russell's.

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