The next time you order a from Amazon, things will look a little different. Here in New York State, and across the globe, a major change is coming to how things are packaged from Amazon.

The big "Prime Day" is almost here and there may be a record number of orders this summer. As inflation rages on, people are looking for some sort of discount and, in some cases, may get a jump on their holiday shopping.

Can you imagine how many cardboard boxes that will be delivered in the next few weeks? Not only that, the innards of those boxes often contain an additional cushion that will soon be gone.

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According to reports, Amazon will NO LONGER use air pillows in their packages in an effort to keep them from ending up in oceans and waterways.

CNBC reports that: "Amazon said Thursday it has removed 95% of the plastic air pillows from its packaging in North America and will replace them with paper fillers made from 100% recycled content".

New York State is always trying to get residents to be as mindful of the things that they use. For example, recently the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation asked to use refillable bottles for water and drinks. It is a great way to limit the amount of garbage and waste that ends up in parks, forests and New York State's many waterways.

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