Unfortunately not everything we read and see on the internet is true.  Such is the case with a fake coupon for Dunkin Donuts.

I don't know that there's much that could be sadder than being offered a free donut, only to find out it's a scam.  But that's the case here.

Dunkin Donuts is celebrating it's 68th anniversary this year, but if you see a coupon on the internet offering you a free box of donuts to celebrate, you need to keep on scrolling.  It's not real.

According to WIVB, Michelle King who is a spokesperson for Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc. says the offer isn't associated with them.

The link that you might see could ask you to answer personal questions, share it on facebook, and answer a "survey" about the brand.

You should always check sources before giving any information on the internet.  And when in doubt, check Snopes.com to see if there are other scams like this.

This particular coupon scam looks as though it's been in circulation for awhile now.  According to Snopes, it's been going on since April of last year.

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