There was a very scary situation that happened the other day at the University at Buffalo where one driver was going the wrong way on John James Audubon and come face-to-face with one of the blue UB Stampede buses.

Luckily, it seems that everyone is okay and that nobody was hurt in the situation, but it was all caught on video and you can see it below. Another driver going in the correct direction video taped the whole thing and you can see it on the BuffsBarstool Instagram.

There are two loops that go nearly all the way around the entire campus at UB called the James John Audubons and they each go only in one direction.

In this driver's defense: it could be a little confusing. There are TWO John James Audubons that are separated by a decent amount of grass, so if you were to know, you could get confused.

On the other hand: there are signs that say it is a one-way.

EXTRA: Did you see this story of the man who found a college kid accidentally locked in his trunk after a Buffalo Bills game? The man drove home after the Buffalo Bills game last season all the way to Amherst and when he got out he heard something in the bed of his truck. Apparently, the kid fell asleep in the truck and thought it was his dad. You can see the live footage of the discovery in the link below.

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