School districts throughout the country are looking for school bus drivers and that problem has caused major problems for students and families in Buffalo.  Some parents complain that their kids are arriving home from school after 6 pm.

The bus company that has the contract for providing bus transportation for Buffalo Schools is still training nearly 100 new drivers, but all of those new drivers won't be ready to take the road until sometime next month.  Still, First Student says they'll still be short around 35 drivers.
In the meantime school bus drivers are doubling up on routes.  As a result some students have to wait for their buses meaning they're either late for school or late arriving home, or both.  

In previous years, First Student has been able to bring in other bus companies to help, but the shortage of drivers everywhere is preventing that.  So it's a matter of just waiting until the new drivers are fully trained and ready to drive on their own.

If you think a job as a school bus driver is something you might to tackle, First Student would love to hear from you.  Apply at


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