American Idol alum Scotty McCreery is poised to release his new album Seasons Change on March 16, and it's described as an autobiographical collection of songs about love, friendships, the loss of close relationships and learning to celebrate life. We've gathered some information about the release along the way, and here's everything you need to know.

The Title

The record is called Seasons Change, and as it will be the singer's first LP in five years, it's a remarkably apt one for an artist who has undergone some life changes in that period. He was a teenager at college when his last album was released. Now, he's a 24-year-old man who is engaged to be married.

The Release Date

Official pre-orders began for the record on Jan. 12, with exclusive pre-orders for autographed copies of Seasons Change, along with merchandise options, opening on Dec. 20 on McCreery's website. Those who are okay with waiting for the general release will be able to pick the album up March 16.

The Album Cover

The cover of the album shows McCreery smiling and gazing off into the distance. He's sporting a bit of a beard, and he looks a little older than we might remember him from his last release.

The Producers

McCreery's latest project was produced by Aaron Eshuis, Derek Wells and Frank Rogers. Rogers also produced McCreery's 2013 album See You Tonight.

Triple Tigers Records
Triple Tigers Records

The Single

 McCreery wrote the album's first single "Five More Minutes" as a tribute to the death of his paternal grandfather, Bill, who he credits for his unmistakable, deep voice. Bill McCreery was 86 years old when he died on Jan. 11, 2015. The singer wrote "Five More Minutes" just a few weeks later, but says that his maternal grandfather's death (several years earlier) also influenced the verses and chorus, which were actually re-written (with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell) four different times.

The Songs

Seasons Change features 11 tracks in total, all co-written by McCreery. A complete track listing is below.

Scott McCreery, Seasons Change Track Listing:

  1. “Seasons Change” (Scotty McCreery/James McNair/Tommy Cecil)
  2. “Wherever You Are (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Dan Isbell)
  3. “Boys From Back Home” (Scotty McCreery/Dan Isbell/Jason Gantt)
  4. “Five More Minutes” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Monty Criswell)
  5. “In Between” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Jessi Alexander/Jonathan Singleton)
  6. “This Is It” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Aaron Eshuis)
  7. “Wrong Again” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Phillip White)
  8. “Move It on Out” (Scotty McCreery/Dan Isbell/Aaron Eshuis)
  9. “Barefootin’” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/David Lee Murphy
  10. “Still” (Scotty McCreery/Aaron Eshuis)
  11. “Home in My Mind” (Scotty McCreery/James McNair/Tommy Cecil)

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