Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott was hired by the organization in January of 2017 and ever since then, the culture and persona of the Bills team has changed for thee better.

McDermott came over to the Bills after being the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers with Brandon Beane, who also came over a few months later as the general manager of the Bills.

McDermott is easily the most successful head coach for the Bills since Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy. McDermott has made the playoffs the last three seasons in Buffalo and four of the past five, which is the most playoff appearances for the Bills in a five year span since the Super Bowl years of the early '90s.

McDermott is a tough-nosed coach who prides himself on the defensive side of the ball, but Sean is usually very subdued on the sideline. His trademark is clapping and never has too many emotional moments along the sideline.

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However, that didn't happen for the Bills head coach during a moment against the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday.

After the Bills stopped the Falcons on a drive in the third quarter, after Josh Allen's third interception, McDermott was visibly fired up and gave a huge fist pump.

McDermott never does that. The only other time I remember him that fired up on the sideline this season, was a dispute over a penalty with the officials during the Monday Night Football game against New England.

McDermott even told Thad Brown of 13 Wham in Rochester, "I was fired up."

I think I speak for Bills fans saying we would all love if this side of McDermott came out a little more often.

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