The Buffalo Bills had a walkthrough practice on Monday, while they will conduct a normal practice on Tuesday before traveling back to Detroit in preparation to play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

The Bills overcame a lake effect snowstorm, switching playing locations, injuries and even an illness to beat the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field this past Sunday.

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The Bills started out very slow. They didn't even record their first 1st down until midway through the second quarter, but by the last drive of the first half, they were back to the Bills we saw the first half of the season.

Head coach Sean McDermott talked with the Buffalo media on Monday about the game and overcoming all the adversity. McDermott said he was proud of his team and what they did over the course of those few days, but then McDermott was asked about the City of Buffalo and Western New York; more specifically, how special this place is.

McDermott said that unless you have spent time in Buffalo, you don't understand this place.

That is perfectly said by McDermott.

Most of the people making fun of Buffalo and Western New York have either never been here or have spent a very short amount of time here.

Buffalo is called the City of Good Neighbors for a reason. We have people who care for one another. We also have tremendous local restaurants, beautiful summers and falls, and an undeniable love for the Bills and Sabres.

Don't knock Buffalo until you have spent some time here.

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