It's been Stefon Diggs watch at One Bills Drive since Monday, and certainly has been ramped up since 11:45 am on Tuesday morning.

The reason for that was due to the fact that fans and the media learned that Diggs was not present at practice for the first day of mandatory minicamp.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced that Diggs was not there but everyone else was. When asked whether or not he was concerned, McDermott responded with "very concerned."

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Then we found out that Diggs was there on Monday and there on Tuesday morning, before leaving the facilities before practice. That led many fans and media members to speculate what happened and why Diggs left the facilities.

On Wednesday, Diggs was back on the practice field and things looked normal.

After practice ended, McDermott addressed the media and tried to clear the air surrounding the Diggs drama.

McDermott said that Diggs' absence from the first minicamp practice was not unexcused. McDermott says that after a long talk yesterday they decided they needed a break from the conversations and that he excused Diggs on Tuesday.

McDermott also added that there are a lot of things out there that "aren't accurate."

McDermott clarified why he said "very concerned."

Many Bills fans are not happy with the explanation and it's due to McDermott saying "very concerned," which spiraled this conversation towards speculation.

It probably wasn't the best choice of words on McDermott's part yesterday. Whatever happened and whatever the conversations were that Diggs and the Bills had, hopefully this is all behind everyone and the Bills can get back to what is taking place on the field.

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