The Buffalo Bills are two weeks away from their first regular season game, which will be played on Thursday, September 8th against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Bills culture has done a 180 from where it was in 2016. The biggest reasons for that change are head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane.

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McDermott was hired in January of 2017 as the new head coach of the Bills and proceeded to end the 17-year playoff drought in his first season, with a team that nobody expected to make the playoffs. McDermott has made the playoffs four of the five seasons in Buffalo, with three consecutive appearances; and back-to-back AFC East titles.

It's no surprise that McDermott is hugely popular in Buffalo but he's also catching the attention of the rest of the league, including his toughness.

McDermott appeared as a guest on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take with Big Cat and PFT Commentator, who host the podcast.

They did a draft of coaches who could win a fight (beat up other coaches), and McDermott went number three, behind Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell and Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

Big Cat and PFT asked McDermott whether or not he could "kick Dan Campbell's ass?"

McDermott said, "uhh, yes; and Vrabel also, throw Vrabel in the same time."

We have never seen that side of McDermott. Not only did he say he could win a fight against Campbell (who is 6'5'' and 255), but former NFL linebacker Mike Vrabel too, at the SAME TIME.

McDermott played college football at William & Mary and was a longtime wrestler, so he has the mentality for this. He's also, arguably, the most in-shape head coach in the NFL, despite the fact Campbell and Vrabel have the size advantage.

I'm with McDermott on Vrabel, but Campbell is really big...

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