Today, both Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane gave their end-of-the-year press conferences and Bills fans were surprised by this statement.

What could be said about this season that will make Bills fans feel better about how it went?  To start, the Bills started 6-6 after a year where they were the favorites to win the Super Bowl.  Then, to lose, again, to a Kansas City Chiefs team that looked nothing like the powerhouse that it has been the last couple of times we've faced them in the playoffs was the cherry on top.

McDermott gives hope for the future

McDermott seemed upbeat still as he sat in front of Buffalo reporters wanting to know just what went wrong.  He responded by saying that they've still got a burning desire to win.  He added that just like the fans, they're all disappointed but made sure to follow that with "but not broken."

They've believed that they were a good team all season and showed it in the last 5 games of the regular season.  They're planning to work hard in the off-season and pick up where they left off next year.

The statement about Stefon Diggs raised eyebrows

Heather Prusak from WIVB asked if Coach McDermott could pinpoint why Stefon Diggs' production dropped off at the end of the season.  He went on to explain that there are multiple reasons why, including teams having more tape on a player and defenses adjusting.  But it was this statement that really surprised a lot of Bills fans:

"I love Stef and he was a phenomenal teammate.”

The comments blew up with people keying in on that one word, 'was.'


Is it going to be another one of those off-seasons?

Are we really going to do this again?  The Bills have very little reason to want to get rid of Diggs.  It would end up costing them quite a bit on a roster that is already way over the cap as it is.  As Beane said, they need to be careful with every single dollar that they spend this year.  The last thing they want to do is trade away their star receiver and end up being worse off because of it.

Dan Fetes actually summed it up best in the comment to his own tweet.

Everyone chill.  We still have about 7 more months until August.

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