You might think you're a Charlotte or a Miranda. But you're not. Nobody is. Everybody is actually a Costanza.

The grumpy misanthrope from 'Seinfeld' is probably a more accurate representation of you than you would care to admit. Here are 15 examples of why.

You find yourself very entertaining.

You LOOOOVE ice cream.

You tried going to the gym, but it didn't work out.

Every year you say it's going to be "your summer," and every year this happens:

Who hasn't said this???

Or this?

You've been known to drop by unexpectedly.

You keep yourself busy at the office.

How can mankind be so evolved and STILL we can't get the ketchup out of the jar?

You look out for number one.

You enjoy dancing with your friends.

You can be kind of a ham on camera.

But that doesn't mean you don't get sad when you stare at the ocean.

In fact, sometimes you totally lose it.

But, hey, everyone's got their ups and downs.