We're on the cusp of the Fourth of July weekend. Many people will be out with family and friends all weekend; it's a popular few days to just go somewhere with the family or relax with a cookout and not have a care in the world, as we celebrate our nation's independence.

However, the Fourth of July weekend is in the heat of the summer, which means the threat of thunderstorms. With the warm and muggy weather, pop-up thunderstorms are always possible and New York State and Western New York will have to be on the lookout for them once again.

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According to the National Weather Service, there is a chance for severe thunderstorms for much of Western and Central New York tonight, as a cold front sweeps across the state.

Heavy downpours and gusty winds will be around from early this evening, through the night and into the early hours of Saturday morning.

With gusty winds, power outages are possible and because of the timing of these storms, a rather sleepless night could happen for many.

The good news is that there storms won't be around too long, but it's worth noting if you're going out tonight.

Despite the slight temperature drop, the rest of the holiday weekend looks great. Mostly dry time with highs in the mid-70s to low 80s for much of the state, so after today/tonight, we should get a rather nice Fourth of July weekend for weather.

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