The 4th of July is one of those holidays where the weather will determine how great the holiday is...and this year it's trending towards incredible.

Of course, the 4th of July is a holiday to celebrate our nation's independence.  It's also a holiday that's remembered for outdoor activities.  We think about picnics, watermelon, grilling, and of course - fireworks!  It's something that can't happen if the weather doesn't cooperate, but as of right now, it looks like we should be good to go for Monday.

I's still early.  The holiday is still just a little less than a week away.  In Buffalo, a lot can change in that amount of time.  But it's hard not to get excited when it looks this nice.

We will have to get through a little bit of rain first.  The forecast shows a slight chance of rain starting on Wednesday.  Then we look good on Thursday with temps in the mid-80s.

Friday is when we will see our best chance of rain.  It's looking hot with highs near 90 and thunderstorms coming after 4 pm.  Then there's a 70 percent chance of rain on Friday evening.

The showers might stick around for Saturday morning but we're looking great for Saturday afternoon and beyond.  It looks like it'll be sunny and 80 on Saturday afternoon, then more of that on Sunday and Monday.

Here comes the disclaimer again, of course...we know we aren't weather-people.  That's just what the forecast says right now.  And there's no doubt that it could change a few times in that amount of time.  But it's hard not to get excited when you see a forecast like that leading into a holiday weekend!

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